During the past few years the historic cities of inland Spain, with their stunning settings and unique monuments are being discovered by more discerning travellers who are comfortable with being immersed in the "real Spain".

This tour of the medieval cities around Madrid including Segovia, Salamanca and Toledo will leave you in awe of how carefully all has been preserved for hundreds of years with Spanish daily life just going on amidst these world class monumental treasures. In Andalucia the romance is attached to tales of Moorish Kings, dark eyes and the passion of flamenco but in Castile the story is more associated to Don Quijote with fairy tale castles surrounded by deep moats, maidens in distress, crusading Knights and duals at dawn. The guided tours help to bring the cities to life and for your free time we arm you with everything you need to make your own trail of discovery as you travel around each beautiful city.