When you think of the north of Spain you think snow-capped peaks, lush green valleys, and undulating hills which roll down to rugged coastlines with quiet Sandy coves dotted with quaint fishing villages.

Known as the West Country of Spain it is as pretty as can be and always with a stunning alpine back drop to each picture postcard view. Honeycoloured mansions with suits of armour, imposing castles and ancient Monasteries dot the landscape that was crafted by the Catholic armies as they pushed south, containing The Moors as they took back their celtic land – each historical building a monument to catholosism as they gathered strength against the retreating invaders. This journey takes you from the Basque country at the French border, along the Cantabrian coast to the ancient Kingdom of Asturias; down to Castile and Leon with a dip into La Rioja. Strong cheeses, hearty stews and fresh fish are on the menú served with the local cider and Rioja wine and offered with pride by the locals who warmly welcome visitors who go the extra mile to explore their magical land.