Enhancing and enriching each place that we visit

Low impact – high quality travel can be in its essence responsible and sustainable and this has been a deciding factor in everything we have ever offered to our clients at Lemon Valley, right from the very start. Creating Independent travel for couples and very small groups, working with local people, like minded companies and engaging with local traditions and cultures means that we can enrich and enhance each place that we visit; using travel as a force for good; protecting and preserving all the world has to offer for future generations.

Inherently we have also always attracted clients who naturally travel responsibly & sustainably too. People who are interested and empathetic, and who really want to know what makes a place tick will only ever enhance a place they visit; enriching their lives and the lives of the local people they encounter along the way.


Our goal is to assist empathetic and interested people to visit the most beautiful, historical and fascinating places in the countries that we work in.

Often encouraging people to explore the lesser known but equally alluring places, favoured by the locals. Independent visitors help to ensure the upkeep of ancient monuments, historical buildings etc. without adding to the overcrowding and destruction caused by large groups.

We love to help visitors explore the countryside – getting off the beaten track, helping unknown, remote areas to benefit and often thrive.

Templar Knight Castle Portugal


As much as possible we work with independent, locally owned hotels. Our guides are accredited, local, professional guides; specialists in their own cities or fields of expertise. Our drivers are professional local people, working for locally owned companies.

We know our clients love local, authentic restaurants and cafes, we encourage and help our clients to immerse themselves in the local cultures, festivities and religious celebrations.

Menu del dia, Malaga


We offer holidays that can be taken using public transport.

Our new online guide pack has massively reduced our carbon footprint.

We always endeavour to work with likeminded companies who operate similar sustainable tourism policies, caring about the environment and the people who are part of their organization.

Pinhao train station Portugal

A selection of our Handmade tours.

Ronda Bridge and Gorge
Tours of Spain

“We have a trip diary jammed full of our impressions and anecdotes, a photo album brimming with our enjoyment and a thousand and one memories that we will never forget…”

The Foster Family, Australia - Tour of Spain

Visit Spain

Sintra Palace
Tours of Portugal

“Our holiday in Portugal was perfectly orchestrated by Lemon Valley; our adventure a symphony of old and new. What a wonderful three weeks!”

Rob & Lynda Ecclestone, Canada – Tour of Portugal & Andalucía

Visit Portugal

Ceramics in Fez Souk
Tours of Morocco

“Saying goodbye to our private driver in Morocco was like leaving behind an old friend; he patiently and thoughtfully guided us all around his fascinating homeland; a truly meaningful experience that will never be equalled…”

The Wilsons, UK – Tour of Morocco

Visit Morocco

Client Comments

Snake in Marrakech marketI want you to know that we love Lemon Valley! Every boutique hotel was a delight; well centered, brightly colored and with courteous staff. The city guides were informative and caring, willing to help in any way requested. ALL arrangements for trains and hotels were 100% perfect. We have NEVER had such a wonderful tour.

Dr Holger Herwig, Canada

Guggenheim museum bilbaoI want to commend Lemon Valley for the wonderful holiday you arranged. We returned with a great appreciation of the beauty of Morocco, of the majesty of its history, and the warmth of its people.

The MOST important contributor to our enjoyment was our wonderful driver, El Ouazzani Abdelkoddous. Not only was he a safe and skillful driver; he was extremely considerate of our comfort, our curiosity, and our interest in learning about the most important aspects of this fascinating country. He was also intelligent, well educated, well informed, and fun. What good fortune we had with having him as a driver!

Our second favorite experience was the night on the Sahara Desert. We loved everything about it! The guides in Fes and Marrakech were well trained, skillful, and considerate of our safety and comfort. We especially enjoyed Rashid in Marrakech. Our 10-day schedule with some free time allowed us to visit two places not on the list, that were important to us, and to rest when necessary. The schedule worked well.

With best wishes,

Judy Wright USA

Porto bridge at nightHi Nicola, I wanted to thank you for putting together the lovely trip we enjoyed in Morocco and Spain. If I already wrote to you I apologize for sending our thanks to you twice. All the arrangements were perfect and the guides were more than knowledgeable, they were also fun to be with. We had a tremendous time, enjoyed all the sights and great food. Thank you so very much, Roger

Roger Manzur, USA

Camels in the desertHi Nicola Many thanks to you and your team for arranging such a wonderful holiday which ran like clockwork and we loved it. Worth every penny: you met and exceeded our expectations - very well done! With kind regards Julie and David Friedlander

Julie Friedlander, UK